Share Your Voice

Walking through the forest preserve last week I found this little nugget of wisdom and encouragement. While I don’t know the exact intent the creator had in mind, it seemed placed in just the right spot at just the right time.

I now belong to the community of writers. Most of us are unknown. You haven’t read our work, you don’t know our names, but we are writers just the same. 

We would love to find success and praise, but it’s not why we write. 

Some days our posts go unnoticed. Not everything we create goes viral. We submit and are rejected time and time again.

We would love to make a living off our creations, but it’s not why we write.

Often we are told by others what we are doing doesn’t matter. Some days we tell our own selves what we are doing doesn’t matter. If we don’t see the engagement we want we get discouraged.

We would love to be seen and encouraged, but it’s not why we write.

We have stories that need to be told and thoughts we long to share beyond our own noisy heads. We create art on the page and throw it out into the world hoping it connects with someone along the way. We share our voice, our experience, our hopes and our pain to make the world a better place.

This is why we write.

Share your voice.


Published by Jill Robinson

Speech-Language Pathologist. Writer. Athlete. Wife. Mother. Animal lover. Not necessarily in that order.

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