Life Is a Box of Mismatched Socks

I’ve had this giant box of socks sitting, waiting, and hoping to find their mates. I thought they could be the trigger for an inspirational post about the secret to life. Maybe they could be a piece on finding our zen in a chaotic life, or possibly a how-to-bond with your children and organize your home in 27 pairs of socks post.

Nope. They just sat, collecting more friends, while I wondered what my children could be wearing on their feet at this point.

This post has no advice, no magic tricks, no encouraging words.

This post will not be life-changing.

And maybe that’s as it should be. Sometimes life isn’t a box of chocolates, sometimes it’s just abandoned socks with no greater purpose.

I’m ok with that.

Getting through the everyday monotony of life can be enough at times. And yes, we will lose both socks and sanity along the way. We will leave a trail of forgotten moments and forgotten footwear. We will long for resolution and just one found mate.

Life goes on and we must go along for the ride. Just as I hold on to these abandoned socks with the hope of one day finding their match, we should hold on to the hope we find little surprises and comforts in the small pockets of our days.

So maybe there’s a little advice and encouragement, but I’m still stuck with 27 random socks at the end of the day.


Published by Jill Robinson

Speech-Language Pathologist. Writer. Athlete. Wife. Mother. Animal lover. Not necessarily in that order.

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