The Popularity Contest

Sometimes becoming a writer feels like walking into the first day of junior high all over again. There are cliques and groups in all the spaces a writer exists; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. You are constantly trying to enter these spaces, learn the ropes and gain a following.  Are you popular enough for peopleContinue reading “The Popularity Contest”

You Can’t Judge a Ship By Its Sail

One of my favorite activities at the lake is watching the sailboats. Once the breeze picks up in the late morning or early afternoon they come out in droves. If conditions are right, races take place on the weekends. I grew up in the middle of cornfields in Illinois. I don’t know how to sailContinue reading “You Can’t Judge a Ship By Its Sail”

Take Your Time Growing Up

Last night my youngest was upset that he still needed me in his room at night to tuck him in. He felt bad that he still worried about monsters under the bed, even though he knew such a thing did not exist. I asked him why he was upset, I didn’t mind being there forContinue reading “Take Your Time Growing Up”

A Walk in the Woods

Empty, past sad and lonely.  My thoughts silenced, no energy to compose.  Head quiet while walking in the shadows.  The cottonwood puffs drift by soundless, play some music to fill the space within.  People pass by unaware of the void inside.  A break in the trees ahead, sunbeams fighting through.  Do I try to walkContinue reading “A Walk in the Woods”

Last Words — Heartland Society of Women Writers

By Jill Robinson You’re so beautiful: The last words he ever spoke to her, not that he knew who she was anymore.  As his memories slowly dispersed, like dandelion seeds in a soft summer breeze, his love for her remained.  The young child she brought to visit, snow white hair and deep blue eyes, almost familiar, a vision in […]Continue reading “Last Words — Heartland Society of Women Writers”