Granny Smith

They stood under the apple tree, heavy with fruit. Early October sunshine, with a hint of late fall breeze, drew the family close. The Granny Smith had been planted five years past, to the day, in a similar gathering. Today would be for celebrating, the healing already done.  The tree’s first harvest was a success.Continue reading “Granny Smith”

Good Morning

You know the routine, the chaos of morning. Kids up too early, you in bed too late. Everyone wants something,  toast lightly buttered, eggs scrambled. Sitting with your coffee, now cold, surrounded by the cacophony of  morning news, plates rattling, children chattering. Little one is tattling on big brother again, employing tactics, duplicitous at best.Continue reading “Good Morning”

Perfect Shade

Alone in the drawer worthless, useless. Lacking the confidence to trot it out. Bought with ambition, silly girl. Should have known better, you’re not the type. Matte, velvet, stain or shine, no matter the kind. Everyone sees you’re trying too hard. Won’t learn your lesson, apply one more time, ruby, scarlet, burgundy or crimson. BackContinue reading “Perfect Shade”

We are a First Draft

There is nothing wrong with being a first draft.  By definition, a first draft is the rough attempt at a finished, polished piece of work or art. I know no one who can claim to be a finished, perfectly polished version of themselves.  As humans we are always changing, always growing, always making mistakes.  AContinue reading “We are a First Draft”


Perfect doesn’t exist.  There, I said it. I’ll say it again, perfect does not exist.  There are fleeting moments of when everything is wonderful, but the second law of thermodynamics states that entropy, the gradual move towards disorder, is always increasing in an enclosed and isolated system. You don’t need to be a physics majorContinue reading “Perfect”