A Collection

Welcome friends. I’ll call you friends because by being here and reading my words, my thoughts, you are now essentially in my home. Please excuse the mess, I’d rather be writing than cleaning. I hope you find something of value here. Get cozy, put your feet up, and be careful petting the cat, he’s a bit of a jerk.

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Time A fine Line here a few Grays there the Mind ensconced in a failing ship A dirge played by every Joint Hope and Dreams endlessly tumbling out of reach as Responsibilities tangle under the surface Opportunities sink in the muck The inverse between  Youth and  Value still clinging to what we once were The…

Dream Big

I’m going to be published in the New York Times. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself as I finish off a submission piece for their Solver Stories feature. I like to dream big. And why not? I have a story I believe fits their mission. I know the odds are small. I know there…

What is Success?

As I work towards finishing my first draft of a full novel, I’ve been thinking about what happens next, beyond the editing and revisions, the submissions and rejections. Will my creation ever see the light of day? If it does, will anyone enjoy it? Will I make any money off my time and hard work?…

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