It’s OK, Make a Mess

Facebook memories get me every time. I could get lost in photos of the past. Seeing random moments of my babies, captured and returned to me, sends me off down the rabbit hole of memories reaching out to bring anyone nearby down with me.  The photo with this post is one of my favorites. ItContinue reading “It’s OK, Make a Mess”


Love is Three Flavors of Jello

My son was scheduled for a medical procedure in which the day before he has to be on a clear liquid diet. Not fun for anyone, but especially not for a growing, typically ravenous tween. To try to alleviate some of the misery, we went overboard buying about every single item on the list ofContinue reading “Love is Three Flavors of Jello”

I’ve Been Missing You

My dear little one, this morning you were annoyed with your silly mom for watching an old video of three-year-old you pretending to write and perform a song in your bedroom. Recording through the open crack in your door, I observed you “writing” down your lyrics as you practiced them out loud. Once you wereContinue reading “I’ve Been Missing You”