Silver Lining

I’ve been sidelined again from running on the path in our neighborhood forest preserve. It’s one of the things that helps keep my head clear and my anxiety in check. I’ve been forced to slow down, to walk instead of run. I’ve tried to be pragmatic about it, to be grateful for what I canContinue reading “Silver Lining”


A Walk in the Woods

Empty, past sad and lonely.  My thoughts silenced, no energy to compose.  Head quiet while walking in the shadows.  The cottonwood puffs drift by soundless, play some music to fill the space within.  People pass by unaware of the void inside.  A break in the trees ahead, sunbeams fighting through.  Do I try to walkContinue reading “A Walk in the Woods”

Experiences Over Things

My family was fortunate to take a road trip to the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains recently. This wasn’t our usual spring break trip, but wanted to do something as safely as possible. Between being able to drive, rent a stand alone house, and enjoy the outdoors, we figured it was the best choiceContinue reading “Experiences Over Things”