Life Is a Box of Mismatched Socks

I’ve had this giant box of socks sitting, waiting, and hoping to find their mates. I thought they could be the trigger for an inspirational post about the secret to life. Maybe they could be a piece on finding our zen in a chaotic life, or possibly a how-to-bond with your children and organize yourContinue reading “Life Is a Box of Mismatched Socks”

Take Your Time Growing Up

Last night my youngest was upset that he still needed me in his room at night to tuck him in. He felt bad that he still worried about monsters under the bed, even though he knew such a thing did not exist. I asked him why he was upset, I didn’t mind being there forContinue reading “Take Your Time Growing Up”

Good Morning

You know the routine, the chaos of morning. Kids up too early, you in bed too late. Everyone wants something,  toast lightly buttered, eggs scrambled. Sitting with your coffee, now cold, surrounded by the cacophony of  morning news, plates rattling, children chattering. Little one is tattling on big brother again, employing tactics, duplicitous at best.Continue reading “Good Morning”


Perfect doesn’t exist.  There, I said it. I’ll say it again, perfect does not exist.  There are fleeting moments of when everything is wonderful, but the second law of thermodynamics states that entropy, the gradual move towards disorder, is always increasing in an enclosed and isolated system. You don’t need to be a physics majorContinue reading “Perfect”

The Eight Signs of Success

Dear child, As your parent, I’m responsible for teaching you many crucial skills and lessons. I’m responsible for making sure you eat an actual fruit and/or vegetable, at least once a day. I’m responsible for teaching you to care for your body, and no, showers are not optional. I’m responsible for making sure you treatContinue reading “The Eight Signs of Success”

Love is Three Flavors of Jello

My son was scheduled for a medical procedure in which the day before he has to be on a clear liquid diet. Not fun for anyone, but especially not for a growing, typically ravenous tween. To try to alleviate some of the misery, we went overboard buying about every single item on the list ofContinue reading “Love is Three Flavors of Jello”

I’ve Been Missing You

My dear little one, this morning you were annoyed with your silly mom for watching an old video of three-year-old you pretending to write and perform a song in your bedroom. Recording through the open crack in your door, I observed you “writing” down your lyrics as you practiced them out loud. Once you wereContinue reading “I’ve Been Missing You”