The World Needs Your Story

I bought myself a little gift to celebrate my year of writing. After having seven accepted articles for Her View From Home, as well as my first piece published with Chicken Soup for the Soul, I finally felt worthy of this t-shirt. I could have bought it after my very first article, but yet again,Continue reading “The World Needs Your Story”

Give Up or Do Better

I recently went through a bit of a crisis of confidence and motivation. A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend a writing workshop through a wonderful organization. I did not expect to be selected when I submitted my writing sample months ago and was pleasantly surprised to be accepted. After attendingContinue reading “Give Up or Do Better”

The Popularity Contest

Sometimes becoming a writer feels like walking into the first day of junior high all over again. There are cliques and groups in all the spaces a writer exists; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. You are constantly trying to enter these spaces, learn the ropes and gain a following.  Are you popular enough for peopleContinue reading “The Popularity Contest”