Stay Flexible

Photo by Jaric Swart on Unsplash

Fads come and go, social tastes wax and wane. We can clench our fists and rail against the tides of change, we can lament the way things used to be or we can be grateful for the continued march of progress. Instead of digging our heels in and holding tight to the past we can look forward and embrace a better humanity.

Stay flexible.

The world remains static for no one.

The most unique human quality is the ability to grow and learn. By our very nature we are meant to reassess and progress. Happiness will never be found in demanding others remain entrenched in the past with us chained to the way it has always been done. Freed to search for a better way we become lighter.

Stay flexible.

Flexibility and adaptation are the secrets to the fountain of youth.

Not all tradition needs to be forgotten, but when it no longer serves us we need to release ourselves from its grip. Doing something just because it’s the way it has always been done is not good enough.

Stay flexible.

Rigid dogma is not a recipe for a lifetime of living.

The opposite of flexible thinking is stuck thinking. Being stuck in our life, being stuck in our growth, being stuck in our anger is no way to live life. The only things we have full control of are our own thoughts and behaviors.

It is up to us to practice flexible thinking.

When someone doesn’t follow our expectations, can we understand where they are coming from?

Can we challenge our long held beliefs?

Can we learn to hold two competing thoughts and not see the world in only absolutes?

Open yourself to new experiences and new ideas. Reach out of your comfort zone. Welcome a life with less stress and greater optimism. You can be part of a better future or you can remain part of the fading past.

The choice is yours.


Published by Jill Robinson

Speech-Language Pathologist. Writer. Athlete. Wife. Mother. Animal lover. Not necessarily in that order.

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