Mug Shot

My favorite coffee mug is a lesson in personification. It holds the ones I love. It is worn down and imperfect. Life has made its lasting impact on the surface. Despite it no longer being new and perfect, it functions just as well and is just as capable. Its value doesn’t come from perfection but from the love and memories it holds. 

It is irreplaceable.  

As I grow older I realize that like my favorite mug, I don’t need to be perfect to have value. My parenting doesn’t have to be perfect to be valuable. My writing doesn’t have to be perfect to be worthy of creating.

We can all be useful and capable despite being worn and imperfect. We can be loved and valued not in spite of our imperfections, but because our imperfections carry a lifetime of growth and knowledge. We are uniquely us because of all we have been through.

We are irreplaceable.

We are perfect, imperfections and all.


Published by Jill Robinson

Speech-Language Pathologist. Writer. Athlete. Wife. Mother. Animal lover. Not necessarily in that order.

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